About Us

Our product is exactly that kind of what you would like to contribute to: A modern, distributed, real-time, in-memory, object-based and generic information management system. Industrial focus, high-scale and marketed worldwide. Now embarking towards PaaS/SaaS.

Our core server development team is small and dynamic. Every developer counts and is expected to make a difference. While your role is nominally in server-side C++ development, we expect that your knowledge and experience are substantially broader, and there will be occasions for you to demonstrate that. The word ‘senior’ in your title is not a gimmick: we expect – and will verify – that you are very knowledgeable and experienced in the art of computer programming in general and in C++ in particular. Our philosophy is simple: fundamental knowledge is never obsolete, while cool things come and go.

You will join our core server development team and help ensuring further compliance with customer demands and future use cases. Tasks will be defined and tracked in conjunction with our VP Engineering and the CTO. The way how the system is designed and built will give you creative room to help strengthening our unique feature set in the industry.

We are looking for a

Senior C++ Server Developer

  • You do professional programming for years or decades, mainly in C++ (and beyond). You are fluent in the language and its latest standards and extensions.
  • You have worked on professional software products, preferably on the server side, ideally in the field of distributed mass data processing and real-time systems.
  • You have a good understanding of industrial IT environments (automation systems, interoperability standards, interfaces). In the best case you have already implemented high-volume interfaces such as OPC UA, ODBC/OData, MQTT, Kafka Producer and the like.
  • You either master the Windows or Linux server platform. Ideally both.
  • You have interest in co-technologies such as NoSQL (MongoDB), Lua, Python and the like.
  • You are familiar with the latest Microsoft development tools - VS/TFS. The modern software development cycle and tooling should just be something you know, and if you have not worked with a particular platform, IDE, compiler, source control or bug tracking system, you should be able to get going with minimal babysitting.
  • We expect you holding a university degree in a science subject, preferably computer science or mathematics.
  • You speak English fluently and have the right "get things done" attitude.

Your assignment will either be in the headquarter in Cologne/Germany or in our branch office in the High-Tech Campus in Eindhoven/Netherlands.

All advertised positions are gender-neutral. inmation is a multi-cultural company by the heart.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon in person. inmation is a fast growing technical innovator still keeping a family-like attitude across a group of highly passionate individuals.

Contact us

Please send your full application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mentioning "LinkedIn2020". We will respond quickly.