Use Cases
Company-wide IT Monitoring
Leading Pipeline Operator (USA)
The user of this system is a large Texan company in the Oil and Gas industry. After many acquisitions, the company has gained a very diverse and technical IT structure across its US operations. The problem for the IT department was that although they had many powerful tools and systems in place, these systems operated in isolation and did not provide an integrated view of the US wide IT performance. During the course of a ‘Single Pane of Glass’ project, enterprise:inmation integrated multiple backup, file transfer and inventory systems to periodically transfer all log data and inventory information to a harmonized history repository.
The running of automatic aggregations and assignment processes results in a highly structured realtime KPI model. The system provides a fully automated Dashboard, now used by the CIO and the employees as the most vital control element in decision making and problem solving. In the first three months of use, the quality of IT processes across the group have already improved markedly. In the now running 2nd phase, ten more data sources are being ‘live’ connected to Networker, Netapp, Tivoli, Veeam, MaxDB, R-MAN, Litespeed, ADDM und PRTG.

Site-wide High Speed Data Collection
World Market Leader Consumer Goods (NL)
Our Customer produces high quality personal lifestyle products with the production for the entire world market concentrated in one location. The production facility is staffed by 2000 employees, houses around 1000 machines and produces 25 million units annually. They have a high-speed sensoring system for the Cold Metal Forming Processes and were looking for a solution that can guarantee site-wide data collection, historization and availability for the above-mentioned number of products and machines with sub-millisecond sampling rate. This landmark Big Data project in the field of discrete manufacturing is enabled by a horizontally scaled inmation system.
Hundreds of inmation Connector components are supplemented by a historian backbone of 20 terabyte units that through horizontal plug and play expansion, is reaching the range of petabyte capacity. The target, towards which users and inmation Software GmbH collaborate closely, is no less than ‘Zero Defect Manufacturing’, catalysed by real-time information management.

Global Real-time Data Infrastructure
World Market Leader Chemical Production (GER)
This user is one of the largest chemical companies in the world. enterprise: inmation was selected as a platform to achieve their ‘Global Manufacturing Intelligence’ aims. Already, the system connects production locations in South and North America, Asia and Europe to the headquarters in Germany with more than 50 distributed system services. For example, field device data, alarm and event streams, process and performance data are consolidated worldwide and are passed on to various, central analysis systems and company applications. with more to follow. Since starting the project with two ‘Use Cases’, a dozen applications have now been covered by enterprise:inmation, with more to follow.
Whether it is predictive maintenance, efficiency monitoring, global infrastructure monitoring or any other performance-oriented Fast Data application, the possibilities are almost infinite. Use hundreds of CPU cores on distributed computers worldwide, with simple, centralized management of the entire system. This company is actively involved in the further future development of inmation software.

The Global Machine Cloud
World Market Leader in Packing Machines (GER)
With an installation base of more than 1000 machines worldwide and a deployment of over 70 new production lines per year, our customer is one of the leading companies in the field of packaging automation. With the help of the inmation system, the manufacturer will be completely upgrading its legacy line management software, that has grown over decades, to a new level. They will also be launching new business models with global cloud technology. On the integration side, all the machines and system components of a production line (including third party components) were completely standardized in the OPC Unified Architecture. This demonstrated that the inmation system can support this complex standard at any depth.
The inmation scaling factors within line management are able to meet the high Track & Trace standards of the food industry. In addition, the integration possibilities with MES and ERP systems for the end user are simplified by the flexibility of the inmation system interface. Ultimately, all production lines will have a secure cloud connection to enable worldwide monitoring by the service and support units of the machine supplier.

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