Software Features

Industrial production is becoming increasingly interlinked with modern information and communication technology. From the foundation of intelligent digitally-networked systems, a largely self-organized production will be possible. In Industrie 4.0, people, machinery, plants, logistics and products will communicate and cooperate directly. To connect these different strands, a unified, flexible, high-performance system is needed to provide company-wide, real-time, information flow.

To address these issues, we developed enterprise:inmation. It securely and efficiently gathers data from manufacturing, process control and IT systems all around the globe, contextualizes it and transforms it into actionable information, which is presented to every decision-maker on any device, anytime, at any location.

one solution for many problems

One Solution

  • One software from any data source to the enterprise cloud
  • Includes secure and efficient network tunneling, consolidation of namespaces and calculations of any depth
  • Single point of information access to all operations data globally
Connectivity: Flexible and Compatible

Connectivity: Flexible and Compatible

  • OPC Classic, OPC UA, ODBC, web access, structured files
  • Communicate remotely through any number of network boundaries
  • Connect to any and all legacy and future (production) systems
Scalability: Unlimited and Fully Adaptable

Scalability: Unlimited and Fully Adaptable

  • From a single machine to any number of worldwide distributed computers
  • Horizontal scalability – any number of Connector and Core services. Any number of data sources
  • NoSQL database for “natural” storage scalability

Flexibility & Adaptability

Flexibility & Adaptability

  • Consolidation of any number of data sources of any data type.
  • Interface with any legacy or future production system
  • Provides OPC Servers to integrate 3rd party products
  • Unlimited Scale - from a single machine to any number of CPUs
secure access

Secure Access

  • Centralized control of security for all aspects of system
  • Role based access to users through configurable profiles
  • Allow access to outside partners by defining virtual namespaces containing only necessary information
  • Compliant with OPC security specifications
Decision Support & Technical Analysis

Decision Support & Technical Analysis

  • Trend analysis for real-time and historical data
  • Integration of Alarms & Events
  • Complete perspective - Overview an entire process or drill down to view individual events
  • Create KPIs, monitor performance and process data
  • Customize system with Lua scripting

Unify your entire data source network!

Unify your entire data source network!

  • Free up “data silos” and prevent isolation of system components only used by very few specialists
  • Access to the entire data source network through one central management system
Make data accessible to your people

Make Data Accessible to Your People!

  • Put information in the hands of your company decision makers – anyplace, anytime and on any device
  • Contextualize real-time and historical data with KPIs, geolocations, trends, alerts and group information.
  • Powerful analysis and data processing environment for data scientists plus zero-training data-driven dashboards
Close the gap between IT and OT!

Close the gap between IT and OT!

  • Improve operational efficiency through intelligently linked industrial systems
  • Integrate data communication across all areas of business
  • Create information continuity within the enterprise