Production Tracking

system:inmation provides full production tracking capability for continuous, discrete or batch production processes. Production data can be created, tracked, stored and exposed including full ISA-88 compliant Batch Production Record creation/archiving/modification ability. Production events can be tracked and linked in with the ISA-95 Equipment hierarchy of the production facility to automate the updating of Batch Production records.

  • The Production Tracking data store allows for the storing and retrieval of batch production records in the MongoDB repository.

  • The Batch Record Datasource can connect to external batch record systems and integrate/retrieve existing batch records into system:inmation.

  • The Batch Tracker object creates batch records from data items within system:inmation with full contextualization in accordance with the ISA-88 standard and can be mapped with objects in the ISA-95 Equipment Model.

  • Calendar Display shows all production events on a configurable calendar display. Individual Batch Records can be selected and viewed using the JSON viewer.

Production Tracking Overview
Figure 1. Production Tracking Overview