The Connector Service

The Connector Service is a MS Windows service whose task is to read data from configured Endpoints. For an introduction to the Connector Service, please refer to the Product Overview chapter. The Connector Service exists as 32bit and 64bit version. Depending on the operating system version, only the 32bit version can be installed (refer to the Installation chapter for compatibly details). After installation the service can be found in the Windows Service Control Manager like shown below:

Connector Service x64 (SCM)
Figure 1. Connector Service x64 (SCM)

If the 32bit version was installed, the service entry will be called differently like shown below:

Connector Service x86 (SCM)
Figure 2. Connector Service x86 (SCM)
inmation recommends to always install the 64bit version on a 64bit operating system, and only revert to the 32bit version should there be compatibility issues with older 32bit OPC servers.