History Transfer Management

The History Transfer functionality makes it possible to transfer historical data from an external historian source into system:inmation’s MongoDB historian or alternatively, transfer it to another external historian destination.

The basic functionality is as follows:

  • Reading data based on static configuration from different source systems (including Aspen Tech and OSI PI systems).

  • Writing data to an OSI PI system based on static configuration.

  • Static (not dynamically adapted by automation) configuration option, e.g. by importing configuration lists.

The external historians (both the source and destination) will be connected as Datasource objects under Connectors that in most cases are under a common Core in system:inmation. Multiple historians under multiple Connectors can be used as sources and can have different interface protocols (OPC DA, OPC HDA, ODBC) in the system.

Overview of History Transfer
Figure 1. Overview of History Transfer

Typical use cases for history transfer include:

  • Importing historical data from an external historian into system:inmation’s historian.

  • Importing historical data from multiple historians in different global locations to one central historian system

  • Management of mass transfer of historical data into multiple target historians.

  • Transfer of historical data from one external system to another.

  • Exporting historical data to files for backup or use by external software applications.

External Historian Interfaces


inmation PI Bridge interface (PI/PI AF SDK)

AspenTech IP.21

ODBC interface

Honeywell PHD

OPC HDA interface

CMS System

OPC DA interface

  • OSI PI systems

  • Other external historian and disk interfaces coming soon…