ReportExportFormat coding group

This code group defines all supported report export formats.

Lua access code

To access the code of the codings below, append the coding group name and coding name to, see an example below.



Name Code Description
EXCEL2007 14 Excel 2007 format for export.
HTMLTABLE 3 HTML Table export format
IMAGE 20 Report Generator creates image file
NONE 0 Export will not be done.
ODS 33 OpenDocument Spreadsheet format is used as export format
ODT 34 OpenDocument Writer format is used as export format
PDF 1 Adobe PDF format for export.
PPT2007 35 PowerPoint 2007 export format
RTF 6 Rich-Text export format
WORD2007 15 Word 2007 format for export.
XML 16 XML output format
XPS 2 Microsoft XPS format for export.