ModelSerializationTypes coding group

Different types how our objects can serialize.

Lua access code

To access the code of the codings below, append the coding group name and coding name to, see an example below.



Name Code Description
MOD_CONN_REGISTRATION_REQUEST 1002 Full object update, coupled with the request for registration in the Core
MOD_INSERT_OBJECT 201 The network partner inserts a new object
MOD_KEEP_ALIVE 800 Keep-alive command issued by the Client
MOD_MASSOP 7000 Mass operation
MOD_OBJ_DETAILS 28 Get the basic details about the object like name, full path etc from the object ID
MOD_REG_DYNAMIC 40 Register for VQT updates
MOD_REG_PERFORMANCE 30 Performance object registration/deregistration
MOD_RUN_SCRIPT 27 Run Lua code
MOD_SCI 6000 Simple Call Interface
MOD_SCRIPT_EXEC 50 Execute Lua chunks
MOD_SERIAL_FULL 1 The entire class including all internal states is serialized (for tcp/prox and the Image File)
MOD_SERIAL_GENEVENT 5100 History event query call for any Equipment/Asset item
MOD_SERIAL_HISTORY 5000 History calls of any type, resulting in a BSON document with aggregates
MOD_SERIAL_LOG 3000 This serialization style is used to fetch general logs and/or object-related logs
MOD_SERIAL_SEARCH 20 Search the server address space
MOD_SERIAL_SELECTION 2 A filtered selection which traverses the models of the server
MOD_SERIAL_UI_TREE 17 This is an optimized call for UI tree building
MOD_UPDATE_FULL 101 Full object update, initiated by a network partner
MOD_UPDATE_STATE 102 Object State Update initiated by a network partner
MOD_VQT_WRITE 2010 Issues a VQT write call towards one or more (Core) IoItems (Classic or UA)