EquipmentStates coding group

States which are defined in the Base State Model of ISA-88.

Lua access code

To access the code of the codings below, append the coding group name and coding name to, see an example below.



Name Code Description
ABORTED 9 State Type: Wait. This state maintains machine status information relevant to the Abort condition. The machine can only exit the ABORTED state after an explicit Clear command
ABORTING 8 State Type: Acting. The ABORTED state can be entered at any time in response to the Abort command or on the occurrence of a machine fault. The aborting logic will bring the machine to a rapid safe stop
CLEARING 1 State Type: Acting. Initiated by a state command to clear faults that may have occurred when ABORTING, and are present in the ABORTED state before proceeding to a STOPPED state
COMPLETE 17 State Type: Wait. The machine has finished the COMPLETING state and is now waiting for a Reset command before transitioning to the RESETTING state
COMPLETING 16 State Type: Acting. This state is an automatic response from the EXECUTE state. Normal operation has run to completion (i.e., processing of material at the infeed will stop)
EXECUTE_RUNNING 6 State Type: Dual. Once the machine is processing materials it is deemed to be executing or in the EXECUTE state. Different machine modes will result in specific types of EXECUTE activities
HELD 11 State Type: Wait. The HELD state holds the machine's operation while material blockages are cleared, or to stop throughput while a downstream problem is resolved
HOLDING 10 State Type: Acting. When the machine is in the EXECUTE state, the Hold command can be used to start HOLDING logic which brings the machine to a controlled stop or to a state which represents HELD for the particular unit control mode
IDLE 4 State Type: Wait. This is a state which indicates that RESETTING is complete. This state maintains the machine conditions which were achieved during the RESETTING state, and performs operations required when the machine is in IDLE
RESETTING 15 State Type: Acting. This state is the result of a RESET command from the STOPPED or complete state. RESETTING will typically cause a machine to sound a horn and place the machine in a state where components are energized awaiting a START command
STARTING 3 State Type: Acting. This state provides the steps needed to start the machine and is a result of a starting type command (local or remote). Following this command the machine will begin to Execute
STOPPED 2 State Type: Wait. The machine is powered and stationary after completing the STOPPING state. All communications with other systems are functioning (if applicable). A Reset command will cause an exit from STOPPED to the RESETTING state
STOPPING 7 State Type: Acting. This state executes the logic which brings the machine to a controlled stop as reflected by the STOPPED state. Normal STARTING of the machine can not be initiated unless RESETTING had taken place
SUSPENDED_PAUSED 5 State Type: Wait. The machine may be running at a relevant set point speed, but there is no product being produced while the machine is waiting for external process conditions to return to normal
SUSPENDING_PAUSING 13 State Type: Acting. This state is a result of a change in monitored conditions due to process conditions or factors. The trigger event will cause a temporary suspension of the EXECUTE state
UNHOLDING_RESTARTING 12 State Type: Acting. The UNHOLDING state is a response to an Operator command to resume the EXECUTE state. Issuing the Unhold command will return the status conditions to prepare the machine to re-enter the normal EXECUTE state
UNSUSPENDING 14 State Type: Acting. This state is a result of a machine generated request from SUSPENDED state to go back to the EXECUTE state. The actions of this state may include ramping up speeds, turning on vacuums, and the re-engagement of clutches