DropzoneColumnHeaderStyle coding group

Defines the processing of the column header in time-series imports.

Lua access code

To access the code of the codings below, append the coding group name and coding name to syslib.model.codes, see an example below.

return syslib.model.codes.DropzoneColumnHeaderStyle.DZ_COLHEADER_BRACKETS


Name Code Description
DZ_COLHEADER_BRACKETS 1 The object name in the header line can optionally be followed by properties enclosed in brackets, where round brackets hold the engineering unit and optional limits and sqaure brackets hold the optional data type
DZ_COLHEADER_LINESTYLE 2 The column-header uses the same syntax as the line-by-line processing convention; see documentation of this syntax in the system documentation. In order to use this feature, one must arrange the column header in a tab-separated fashion, while the disting information items in the particular header column must be separated by semicolons
DZ_COLHEADER_MULTILINE 3 The column header consists of multiple lines. The details are to be specified in the Column Header Options property compound