ProcessValueLink Property

The ProcessValueLink property represents a link to an object in the I/O Model that provides a process value for the parent class object. However, actual process links are stored as a reference table entry (containing the "PROPERTY_LINK" ReferenceType coding, the name of the reference and path to the referenced object) in the reference array for the object. The array used to store object references is explained in more detail in the documentation for the inmation.getreferences and inmation.setreferences functions of the Lua API. In DataStudio the Process Link can be set in the Object Properties panel using the object picker.

The ProcessValueLink is essentially symbolic and cannot be read or written to in a meaningful way using Lua or Web API. To set the linked Process Value to an object using Lua, the inmation.linkprocessvalue function should be used. To retrieve information about a linked process value, the inmation.getreferences function should be used that returns a table