OPCUAAttributes coding group

This code group contains the attribute IDs specified in the OPC Unified Architecture Specification, Part 6: Mappings, Release 1.04 November 22, 2017.

Lua access code

To access the code of the codings below, append the coding group name and coding name to inmation.model.codes, see an example below.

return inmation.model.codes.OPCUAAttributes.ACCESSLEVEL


Name Code Description
ACCESSLEVEL 17 How a variable may be accessed
ACCESSLEVELEX 27 How a variable may be accessed
ACCESSRESTRICTIONS 26 The access restrictions assigned to the node
ARRAYDIMENSIONS 16 The length for each dimension of an array value
BROWSENAME 3 A non-localized, human readable name for the node
CONTAINSNOLOOPS 11 Indicates that following forward references within a view will not cause a loop
DATATYPE 14 The node id of the data type for the variable value
DATATYPEDEFINITION 23 Provides the metadata and encoding information for custom DataTypes
DESCRIPTION 5 A localized description for the node
DISPLAYNAME 4 A localized, human readable name for the node
EVENTNOTIFIER 12 Indicates that the node can be used to subscribe to events
EXECUTABLE 21 Whether the method can be called
HISTORIZING 20 Specifies whether the server is actively collecting historical data for the variable
INVERSENAME 10 The browse name for an inverse reference
ISABSTRACT 8 Indicates that a type node may not be instantiated
MINIMUMSAMPLINGINTERVAL 19 Specifies (in milliseconds) how fast the server can reasonably sample the value for changes
NODECLASS 2 The class of the node
NODEID 1 The canonical identifier for the node
ROLEPERMISSIONS 24 The permissions for the node granted to roles
SYMMETRIC 9 Indicates that forward and inverse references have the same meaning
USERACCESSLEVEL 18 How a variable may be accessed after taking the user's access rights into account
USEREXECUTABLE 22 Whether the method can be called by the current user
USERROLEPERMISSIONS 25 The subset of permissions available for the roles available to the current session
USERWRITEMASK 7 Indicates which attributes are writable by the current user
VALUE 13 The value of a variable
VALUERANK 15 The number of dimensions in the value
WRITEMASK 6 Indicates which attributes are writable