MinYAxisMask coding group

Defines the mask for the NumericBox MinYAxis settings in HistoryTrend for each item. Used to determine how to calculate the Min of an axis (in percentage / normal value replacement).

Lua access code

To access the code of the codings below, append the coding group name and coding name to inmation.model.codes, see an example below.

return inmation.model.codes.MinYAxisMask.MASK_ABSOLUTE


Name Code Description
MASK_ABSOLUTE 2 Use a number as the Y-Axis minimum value
MASK_NONE 1 The Minimum Y-Axis value is the minimum of the item
MASK_PERCENTAGE_MIN 3 Decrease the minimum Y-Axis value by the specified percentage
MASK_PERCENTAGE_RANGE 4 Lowest Y-Axis value calculated as the minimum of the series with a decrease of X% of the range
MASK_ROUNDING_MIN 5 Rounds the maximum Y-Axis value to the next magnitude of 10