AdvancedControlTypes coding group

Defines all the existing advanced controls in DataStudio (e.g. Trend, Faceplate, PeformanceTrend, Grid).

Lua access code

To access the code of the codings below, append the coding group name and coding name to, see an example below.



Name Code Description
BULLETGRAPH 8 Show Bullet Graph view
DATATICKER 9 Show DataTicker view
FACEPLATE 3 Show Faceplate view
FACEPLATEAE 4 Show Faceplate (AE) view
FACEPLATEKPI 5 Show Faceplate (KPI) view
ORGCHART 7 Show OrgChart view
PERFORMANCETREND 2 Show Performance Trend view
REPORTTILE 10 Show Report View
TABLE 6 Show Table view
TREND 1 Show Trend View