OxHandshakeCommands coding group

(SPR)OX Handshake commands to be used with supervisory and subordinated components in the network.

Lua access code

To access the code of the codings below, append the coding group name and coding name to inmation.model.codes, see an example below.

return inmation.model.codes.OxHandshakeCommands.CONNECTOR_EXCHANGE


Name Code Description
CONNECTOR_EXCHANGE 3 Connector object exchange (applies to Relay components only)
HULL_EXCHANGE 1 Hull object exchange request (applies to Connector and Relay components)
OBJECT_DOWNLINK 6 Downlink list (issued by Core and Relay Connections). This initiates the transmissions of objects which are not yet existing in the remote component.
OBJECT_UPLINK 5 Uplink Request (issued by Core and Relay Connections)
REMOTE_OBJECT_EXCHANGE 4 Remote object exchange (applies to Conector and Relay components)
RULE_AND_TEMPLATE_EXCHANGE 2 Rule and Template object exchange (applies to Connector and Relay components)