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On this page, you will find:

  • Class models that exist in system:inmation.

  • Classes which can be created under each model.

  • Properties and their subpropeties for each class.


Name Description Code
Access Model The Access Model consists of all classes that allow for setting security permissions to other models and classes. It supplies the features which are required to create and maintain a secure Information Management System 4
ISA-95 Equipment Model The ANSI/ISA95 Equipment Model may be definitions of sites, areas, production units, production lines, work cells, process cells, or units 1010
I/O Model The I/O system comprises all classes required for managing external data sources and persistent data storage including Time Series and A&E historization 1
KPI Model The KPI model comprises all classes which relate to key performance indicators and their organization 3
ISA-95 Material Model The ANSI/ISA95 Material Model defines the actual materials, material definitions, and information about classes of material definitions 1000
Server Model The Server Model lets you manage external Server interfaces of system:inmation and the assignment of other models to the namespace of particular Servers 5

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