OxHandshakeCommands coding group

Description: (SPR)OX Handshake commands to be used with supervisory and subordinated components in the network


Name Code Lua access code Description
CONNECTOR_EXCHANGE 3 inmation.model.codes.OxHandshakeCommands.CONNECTOR_EXCHANGE Connector object exchange (applies to Relay components only)
HULL_EXCHANGE 1 inmation.model.codes.OxHandshakeCommands.HULL_EXCHANGE Hull object exchange request (applies to Connector and Relay components)
OBJECT_DOWNLINK 6 inmation.model.codes.OxHandshakeCommands.OBJECT_DOWNLINK Downlink list (issued by Core and Relay Connections). This initiates the transmissions of objects which are not yet existing in the remote component.
OBJECT_UPLINK 5 inmation.model.codes.OxHandshakeCommands.OBJECT_UPLINK Uplink Request (issued by Core and Relay Connections)
REMOTE_OBJECT_EXCHANGE 4 inmation.model.codes.OxHandshakeCommands.REMOTE_OBJECT_EXCHANGE Remote object exchange (applies to Conector and Relay components)
RULE_AND_TEMPLATE_EXCHANGE 2 inmation.model.codes.OxHandshakeCommands.RULE_AND_TEMPLATE_EXCHANGE Rule and Template object exchange (applies to Connector and Relay components)