NetError coding group

Description: Network Request Errors


Name Code Lua access code Description
NETERR_BUFFER_OVERFLOW 20 The received message was larger than indicated
NETERR_COMMAND_ERROR 5 One or more commands contained in the network envelope failed. See details in the command documents.
NETERR_COMMAND_EXCEPTION 4 Reading or executing a specific command from the network envelope caused an exception
NETERR_EMPTY_REQUEST 1 The network envelope did not contain any object request or command
NETERR_EXCEPTION 2 The network envelope caused a general exception
NETERR_GENERAL_ERROR 6 The server encountered a general problem reading the network envelope
NETERR_INSERT_GENERAL_ERROR 201 An attempt to insert an object raised an unspecific error
NETERR_INVALID_OBJECT_SEARCH 24 The given object search information is invalid
NETERR_LOW_MEMORY_CONDITION 23 A low memory condition was encountered during network command execution
NETERR_OBJECT_ALREADY_REMOVED 26 An object for which a removal command was received, has been removed before
NETERR_OWNER_HANDLE_INVALID 25 A network request related to an object handle for an instance owner failed to resolve to the proper object
NETERR_RECEPTION_TIMEOUT 21 The complete message could not be received in reasonable time
NETERR_REPLY_EXCEPTION 19 General exception while parsing the returned message from the server
NETERR_REPLY_INVALID_OBJECT 17 The returned message from the server contained one or more invalid objects
NETERR_REPLY_LOW_MEMORY 18 Low memory condition while processing the message returned from the server
NETERR_REPLY_SIZE_ERROR 16 The returned message from the server indicated wrong object size
NETERR_REQUEST_AND_COMMAND_ERROR 9 There are failed commands and failed requests in the network envelope. See details in the documents.
NETERR_REQUEST_CLASSTYPE_UNKNOWN 11 The class type of the requested object could not be determined
NETERR_REQUEST_CLASS_TYPE_AMBIGOUS 14 The object does not have the same class specification as indicated in the request class header
NETERR_REQUEST_ERROR 8 One or more requests in the network envelope could not be processed successfully. See details in the request documents.
NETERR_REQUEST_EXCEPTION 3 Reading a specific object request caused an exception
NETERR_REQUEST_NAMED_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND 22 The object name specified in the request could not be resolved against an existing object
NETERR_REQUEST_NO_TOP_LEVEL_CLASS 12 The object requested does not have 'top-level-class' classification
NETERR_REQUEST_POINTER_FAILURE 13 The given object handle raised an exception using it as a memory pointer
NETERR_REQUEST_SERSTYLE 10 The requested serialization style is not supported
NETERR_REQUEST_UNSUPPORTED_SERIALIZATION 15 The request specified an unsupported serialization type.
NETERR_UNKNOWN_ERROR 9999 An error ocurred while processing a network request. No detailed information available. Please contact support@inmation.
NETERR_UPDATE_GENERAL_ERROR 101 An attempt to update an object raised an unspecific error
NETERR_WRONG_FORMAT 7 The network envelope was submitted in the wrong format