MassStatus coding group

Description: Mass operation status codes


Name Code Lua access code Description
SUCCESS_SAME 7 Success: object has not changed
created 1 Success: object created
disabled 6 Success: object disabled
enabled 5 Success: object enabled
failed_absent 201 Failed: Object not found for update
failed_denied 207 Failed: Access was denied
failed_malformed 208 Failed: Information supplied was malformed
failed_mismatched 204 Failed: Object of a different type already exists at the path
failed_modified 203 Failed: Config version not matched
failed_orphan 205 Failed: The specified path is orphaned
failed_present 202 Failed: Object already present for insert request
failed_unmodifiable 206 Failed: The specified object is in an unmodifiable state (other than due to permissions)
failed_unnamed 209 Failed: Tag was required, but not supplied
failed_unspecified 299 Failed: Unspecified reason
failed_validation 210 Failed: invalid property data
removed 3 Success: object removed
success 99 Success: unspecified details
superseded 4 Success: object was superseded
updated 2 Success: object updated
warning_absent 100 Warning: object not found for removal
warning_same 101 Warning: the operation did not affect any changes
warning_unspecified 199 Warning: unspecified reason