CmdError coding group

Description: Command errors


Name Code Lua access code Description
CMDERR_AMBIGOUS_PROPERTY 9 One or more properties were not uniquely identifiable in the given class scope (use subdocuments).
CMDERR_ATOMIC_FAILURE 18 The command execution was stopped because of a failed atomic operation.
CMDERR_EXCEPTION 1 The command processor encountered an exception trying to assign the command documents field content.
CMDERR_FILTER_ERROR 19 The filter contained in the command could not be resolved as a valid regular expression.
CMDERR_FILTER_ZERO_RESULT 17 The specified filter returned zero results for the given entity class.
CMDERR_INSTANCE_NOT_FOUND 21 A single object instance, as specified in the command, could not be located. Check the 'ident' field for syntactical correctness.
CMDERR_LOW_MEMORY 20 A low memory condition was hit during command execution. This is a serious indication that the memory assignment to the machine running the service should be increased as quick as possible. The system will shutdown.
CMDERR_MANDATORY_PROPERTY_MISSING 13 A mandatory property was not supplied during object initialization.
CMDERR_NO_OWNER_CLASS 7 The command could not find the owning class type in the class model. This error should never occur. Please report back to inmation.
CMDERR_NO_TOPLEVEL_CLASS 5 The command can only be executed with a top-level class.
CMDERR_OBJECT_IDENT_MISMATCH 16 The given object identification path does not qualify to locate the object. Please use proper dotted notation.
CMDERR_OBJECT_LOCATION_FAILURE 15 The given object identification path could not be resolved. Plesae check your syntax.
CMDERR_OBJECT_TAG_CONFLICT 14 An object of the specified class with the given tag name already exists. Please choose another tag name for the object creation.
CMDERR_OWNER_CREATE_FAILURE 8 The specified owner class failed to create the new subordinated class.
CMDERR_OWNER_NOT_FOUND 6 The command could not be executed because the specified owner was not found.
CMDERR_PARAM_ERROR 22 Parameter error (wrong datataype or range). Please check your command.
CMDERR_REJECTED_PROPERTY_SETTING 11 The command contained one or more properties which were rejected by the appropriate class property object.
CMDERR_RESTRICTED_PROPERTY 23 The command attempted to change a restricted (non-configurable) property.
CMDERR_UNKNOWN_CLASS 4 The command specified a class name unknown to the system.
CMDERR_UNKNOWN_PROPERTY 10 The command contained one or more unknown properties with respect to the given class scope.
CMDERR_UNSUPPORTED 3 Unsupported parameter in command document.
CMDERR_WRONGCMD 2 The command document contained an unsupported cmd field (valid types are 'create' or 'new', 'update' or 'change' and 'delete' or 'remove').
CMDERR_WRONGMODE 12 The command mode setting could not be interpreted. Use only mode settings which are supported and documented.