Release Notes for system:inmation 1.74

1.74.5 - February 8, 2021

Improved in 1.74.5

OPC UA A+C Support

The support for OPC UA A+C has been increased with a brand new storage schema specific to UA alarms accompanied by changes to the Lua API geteventhistory function and changes to the Event View display.

OPC UA Source Timestamp Support

It is now possible to select whether to use source or server timestamps on OPC UA Servers connected to the system with the OpcUaUseSourceTimestamp Property of the OPC UA Datasource object.

Redundant Stream

An issue with the Redundant Stream object has been fixed that caused it to not work correctly with script events.

WebStudio Table and EventTable Widgets

Improvements have been made to WebStudio including default column sorting in the Table widget and improved widget refresh functionality. An issue with filtering via timestamps in the EventTable widget has been fixed in this release.

Production Tracking and Audit Trail Data Store Queries

Improvements have been implemented to make the querying mechanism for the Production Tracking and Audit Trail data stores more robust.

Retrieval of Audit Trail Data Store records is only supported in MongoDB versions 3.6 and above.

1.74.1 - January 19, 2021

New in 1.74

Pass Through Queries

Data that resides in external Datasources (for example OPC servers, OSI PI systems, SQL servers) can be queried using the Web API without any requirement for data storage within the system. These queries will be passed through the system components allowing for on demand querying of Datasources connected to remote Connectors.

History Transfer - Generic Time Series Buffer

The new Generic Time Series Buffer extends the Store and Forward sub-system to aid the efficiency of transporting data to the cloud using the history transfer chain. The Generic Time Series Buffer allows data transfer from remote Connectors to cloud locations without needing to write data to MongoDB.

Read-Only Datasources

PLC and OPC (UA, DA, HDA and XML) Datasources can operate in Read Only Mode. In this mode, attempts to issue external writes will be denied and logged in system log and audit trail (if configured).

MSI Interface

The MSI interface offers the possibility, to process incoming data with a user-defined script. Likewise, outgoing data can also be generated using a user-defined script. This mapping option is called Custom Script.

Store and Forward of data from outdated components

Connectors and local cores that are not up-to-date (i.e., not version 1.74) will be unable to forward historical data or events. This affects only the systems where said components are configured for the manual-permissive software update mode. Until the connector (local core) is updated, the data will be stored locally at the outdated component (within the configured storage limits); then the previously stored data will be forwarded normally.

Improved in 1.74

Honeywell PHD integration

History Transfer Objects now support the use of the PHD Bridge to read data (HistoryTransporter) and/or write data (HistorySink) efficiently using Honeywell’s native PHD API.

PLC Datasources

Performance of read operations on S7 PLCs has been significantly improved.

Batch Tracker

The API to retrieve stored batches from the database has been improved. It is now possible to use MongoDB commands like $elemMatch and to return only BPR-IDs instead of complete records.

DataStudio Unresolved Objects Dialog

The dialog has been improved giving the user a better overview of displays with unresolved objects as well as more control over resolving them.

PI Bridge

PI Bridge now targets .NET 4.6.2 (previously .NET 4.5.2) and uses the latest SDKs of both PI ( and AF (

Compatibility of 1.74 with Visual KPI

For system:inmation v1.74, it is recommended to use version of Visual KPI.

system inmation v1.74 remains compatible with older versions of Visual KPI from onwards. However, due to known issues, Visual KPI 5.57 should not be used.

Fixed Issues in 1.74

TFS ID Title Area Date
8642 Switch off the option of Set NaN in the Limit Settings compound system:inmation 2020-12-10
14499 Redundant Stream does not work properly for script events system:inmation 2021-01-29
14066 History Controller spend to much time on 'Assembling working list’ system:inmation 2021-01-13
13967 HT does not properly updates Configuration Problems table system:inmation 2020-12-16
13394 Copying an object in KPI model includes GUID which should be assigned uniquely by VKPI RCS system:inmation 2020-12-17
11911 History Transfer Controller - Reset Status checkbox stays enabled after clicking on Apply button system:inmation 2021-01-07

Known Issues in 1.74

TFS ID Title Area Date
9677 Excel Addin - Actions pane is not shown when some other add-ins are enabled system:inmation 2019-07-12
9388 Excel add-in - There is no order in the object tree or in the search result system:inmation\UserInterface\ExcelAddin 2019-06-19
9383 Excel Addin - VBA Module popup appears every time a new worksheet is used system:inmation\UserInterface\ExcelAddin 2019-06-18
8284 inmation.gettime() does not fully support documented formats system:inmation 2019-02-24
6511 ProcessValueLink property causes confusion system:inmation 2018-08-16
6296 The UA connection is functional despite 'Server Certificate Endpoint Host mismatch (creating session)' error system:inmation\Mainline\Services\inmation\UA Client 2018-08-02
6264 Changing the port of the Core is not working system:inmation 2018-08-01
14473 Batch Tracker - None of Custom Analytics options are functional system:inmation 2021-01-25
14432 Inherited location option is not functioning system:inmation 2021-01-21
14408 ODBC Datasource - Invocation Delay causes the datasource to stop functioning system:inmation 2021-01-20
14085 Audit trail documentation about captured information system:inmation 2020-12-03
14046 Excel Template not installed if Office 2019 is installed system:inmation\UserInterface\ExcelAddin 2020-12-01
14016 Web API - ReadHistoricalData endpoint returns 0 instead of NoValue with TimeAverage and TimeAverage2 aggregates system:inmation 2020-11-27
13925 The MONGODB function(inmation.Backup library) returns "0:nil" after the successful operation system:inmation 2020-11-19
13642 Script events can't create OPC attributes system:inmation 2020-10-21
13574 Unable to keep report group header together with details system:inmation\UserInterface\Reporting 2020-10-15
13525 Handling of KPI Tables without STARTTIME&ENDTIME arguments system:inmation 2020-10-12
13453 LuaAPI gettime doesn't work for parsing AMPM system:inmation 2020-10-02
13228 Scroll speed change on Windows OS is not applied in DataStudio system:inmation\UserInterface 2020-09-10
12997 getvalue() and Faceplate show an old value although the object has more recent values in history system:inmation 2020-08-18
12985 UA Client - URI Mismatch between ApplicationDescription and Certificate system:inmation\Mainline\Services\inmation\UA Client 2020-08-17
12505 The data holder object is corrupt when it is created below the connector by an action item with a triggering link system:inmation 2020-07-07
12453 historicaldataattime does not work for datatype string for VKPI widgets system:inmation 2020-06-29
12393 History Transfer Controller is not producing data points at Expected Frequency while using an aggregate system:inmation 2020-06-19
12357 Upgrade failure because of the 'unstoppable' Web API service system:inmation 2020-06-15
12299 Master core version is unknows from local core version system:inmation 2020-06-03
12134 Memory ramp-up with simultaneous Lua script instances system:inmation 2020-05-06
12079 inmation Server spams Windows Event logs system:inmation 2020-04-28
11984 inmation.mass can INSERT but not REMOVE system object system:inmation 2020-04-15
11715 Core service silently deletes or ignores critical objects in the image system:inmation 2020-03-06
11572 MongoDB URI property is not functional system:inmation 2020-02-20
11474 findobjects() call is terribly slow on large systems system:inmation 2020-02-11
11361 MongoDB Backup - The content of the source folder is not copied fully to the destination folder during the full backup system:inmation 2020-01-27
11288 It is possible to create multiple core and system objects with Lua mass system:inmation 2020-01-21
11251 inmation-Compose error handling for empty script files system:inmation 2020-01-17
11238 Web API authentication fails with a profile that has a backslash(\) in its password system:inmation 2020-01-16
10590 Configurations of MongoDB replica set are not passed to the Core system:inmation\Mainline\Services\inmation 2019-10-18
10516 History Transporter gets stalled after returning an error state system:inmation 2019-10-14
10274 The parent item seems disabled in the tree even though the children items seem enabled system:inmation 2019-09-06
10213 Extension / Annotation prohibited configuration not honored in BRDS system:inmation 2019-09-03
10118 inmation Server doesn't resume event subscription after Core restart system:inmation\Mainline\Services\OPC Server 2019-08-20
10057 Image reset after v1.54.0 upgrade system:inmation\Setup 2019-08-12

UA Compliance Tests

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