Console Display

The Console Display is a powerful tool that allows you to run Lua scripts within the system:inmation environment, without having to create an object to hold the script (for example an ActionItem or Generic Item). To open a Console display, go to the Open menu and select menu:[Console] (shortcut Ctrl+Shift+U).

Console Display

The Console display has similar structure to a script editor window and is made up of 4 parts:

  • Menu Bar

  • Input pane

  • Output pane

  • Status Bar

Lua code is entered into the Input pane and executed by clicking the "Execute" icon in the menu bar (or by pressing F5). Comments can be added and removed, and the LuaSense suggestions can be toggled on /off using the buttons on the menu bar. Returned values are displayed in the Output pane and the depth of content (Nils, Qualities and Timestamps) of the Output pane can also be configured by adjusting the slider at the top.

Console display with Output

The Status bar contains information regarding the following information:

  • Current state of the script (is it running or idle)

  • The duration of the current/last transaction

  • Memory used by persistent and run environments

  • Counter of the number of transactions run by that Console display

  • Line and Column position of the cursor in the input window

Console Display Status Bar