inmation Web API

The system:inmation web API (Application Programming Interface) is created using Remote Procedure-Call’s (RPC) and is hosted in a Windows Service. It can be used by any external application as an interface to system:inmation, using the HTTP or WebSocket Interface.

The Web API is also used extensively by Visual KPI in enterprise:inmation, to provide and update the data items displayed on the Web dashboard.

Installation & Execution

There are different ways to install the Web API service. See instructions here.


Settings are stored in the Web API Server Object in the inmation Server model.


The Swagger documentation can be viewed in a Web Browser by visiting: http://hostname:8002/api/docs.


The inmation Web API endpoints can be tested using Postman. Download Postman here.


The Web API supports token authentication based on inmation profiles and Windows domain and local accounts. More detailed information can be found here.


Both interface can have encryption with TLS/SSL. See instructions here.