ESI Community


In large production environments, experience has shown that allowing a "free flow" of Lua script implementations done by various individuals, groups and companies leads quickly to an unmanageable convolute of redundant solution approaches which are hard to manage, especially in cases when the inmation system solves multiple distinct use cases, spreading across multiple system components.

The use of the Lua scripting in conjunction with the flexibility of distributed objects in the inmation system is one of the powerful enablers in the software. ESI aims to streamline inmation customization based on Lua scripting in form of an eco system of stakeholders, writing code "to last" and eventually to become part of the system itself.

The ESI layer, which is added "on-top-of-Lua" will ensure that every future implementation is consistently added to the system, manageable and supplies standard interfaces for functional deployment across inmation system components as well. It will also allow multiple stakeholders to contribute to an evolving powerful environment.

ESI Contributors

ESI contributors are all individuals which are trained in the Lua programming language and the ESI standard and / or having interest in consistency and manageability of their production systems. They will be added to the community on request. The ESI contributors are the working committee for the further development of the ESI standard.

Each individual or team using system:inmation either as an end user, OEM or system integrator, but also any other volunteering Lua programmer using the inmation product in other areas, such as educational or researching institutes – may apply to enter the ESI community at any time. Please send your application to 'github at inmation dot com', mentioning the subject topic "ESI community". You should have already written productive Lua code for system:inmation and be fully fluent with the Lua language standard as a prerequisite.