Quality Policy

inmation’s quality management system, inQ, lies at the core of our organization and covers all aspects of our daily operations. This includes all processes involved in the development and support of the software product and all processes that provide support for the infrastructure of the organization. inQ ensures a commitment to continuous improvement of not only the product but all areas of the business to meet the customers’ needs and requirements. This commitment is shared by management and employees alike, and guarantees that inmation’s software product, supporting documentation, supporting customization libraries and all supporting services shall be of highest value and quality. The objectives for our quality management system focus on the core areas of product development and customer support.

In product development, the objectives are to improve the quality of the product by reducing the number of software issues introduced into the product during development. An improvement in the efficiency of the product development process is also an objective by reducing system downtime during development cycles.

In customer support, the objectives are to introduce improved communication channels between the customer and inmation by introducing a survey system and improved notifications for new releases and features.

In our supporting processes in human resources and training, our quality objectives are that all our employees’ competencies reach the required level to effectively execute our processes and are monitored to encourage sharing of skills and continuous improvement. We constantly strive to outperform our peer group and aim to develop our company and product towards a global market standard.

inmation TÜV Certificate

The ISO 9001:2015 certification for inmation’s quality management system was awarded by TÜV Rheinland in October 2018. Please visit the TÜV Rheinland Certipedia for more details about the certification.

Scope of the inQ Quality Management System

inmation Software GmbH is a one-product, industrial software development company based in Cologne, Germany. The software product it has created and further develops, is called system:inmation and is marketed in the form of different suites. Some suites also contain third-party software technology, but only where this extends the functionality of inmation’s core product in a way that meets the customers’ current requirements, or predicted future requirements.

The scope of inmation’s Quality Management System, inQ, covers all internal processes related to the product including product development, sales, shipment and customer support. This includes all employees and processes based at the inmation HQ in Cologne, Germany and at inmation BNX B.V in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

All chapters of the ISO 9001:2015 standard are relevant and considered within the scope of the inQ Quality Management System.

As part of inQ, all relevant regulatory requirements are taken into consideration in regards to the product and all operating procedures.


In case of any inquiries about quality-related aspects, please contact:

Gudrun Klingenmeier, CQO
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Dr Edward Spink, Quality Manager and ISO9001:2015 Expert
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