ARC Industry Forum 2018 - Barcelona

ARC Industry Forum 2018 - Barcelona

15 May 2018 08:30 - 16 May 2018 18:00

Meliã Sitges Joan Salvat Papasseit, 38 Barcelona - Sitges 08870 Spain

Go Digital – A Fully Automated Masterplan for Global Performance Monitoring

This year at the ARC Industry Forum in Barcelona, our software enterprise:inmation is featured in a project presentation by Bayer Consumer Health.

Nina Schwalb will introduce the Digital@CHPS project, a multi-year, full-scale digitization effort of our manufacturing assets, which Bayer Consumer Health, a division of Bayer AG, has embarked on. The presentation will first focus on the market challenges and the organizational goals and operational improvements which are set as clear targets for the program.

Nina will share drivers for the technology selection in favor of enterprise:inmation, and some key differentiators of the chosen data platform.

The platform capabilities are well aligned with the global project deployment strategy, covering all international production sites and hundreds of subordinated assets and systems, which are going to be integrated in form of a digitization masterplan. The presentation is supported by a bring-your-own-device live demo in the exhibition area.

About the Forum

It's happening fast. Everywhere we turn, processes, machines, and devices are becoming more connected and intelligent. Production machines, gas turbines, and thermostats all stream data. Refineries, oil platforms, mines, and wind turbines are optimizing asset and operating performance. Design software links to additive machines to print parts directly. Discrete manufacturing shop floors are optimizing production efficiency. And it's only the beginning.

Challenges continue to grow for the industrial cybersecurity community. Broader deployment of operational technology is expanding the use cases requiring protection. Resource shortages are undermining the effectiveness of established defenses. Blurring boundaries between IT, OT, and IoT are increasing the need for more integrated, collaborative cybersecurity strategies. The number of clouds and edge devices have exploded and are changing automation system architectures. The development of OPC UA, DDS, and TSN has significant impact on industrial communication and fieldbuses.

  • How will disruptive technologies change existing products, processes and plants?
  • Can cybersecurity threats be overcome?
  • How will edge and fog computing change control architectures?
  • How shall end users deal with the tsunami of clouds coming along with new production machines? Will there eventually be a cloud standard?
  • When will machine learning and artificial intelligence transform operations?
  • Will open source solutions impact traditional software and automation domains?
  • How will a digitally-enhanced workforce stem the loss of tribal knowledge?
  • How to deal with batch size = 1 for extreme individualization?
  • How do connected products create opportunities in aftermarket services?
  • What steps can organizations take to foster innovative thinking?
  • Will OPC UA and TSN supersede today’s variety of fieldbuses?
  • Why do machine builders develop their own IT platforms?
  • Will multiagent controls replace today’s central PLC-focused controls?

There are countless ways to run your digital transformation, many technologies and suppliers to evaluate, and endless choices to make. Embedded systems, networks, software platforms, augmented reality, and machine learning will play a role as you begin to improve uptime, optimize performance, enhance services, and re-think your business models.

At the Forum, end users will present case studies that inspire participants to network and ask questions related to their own operations. No presentation can be more inspiring than a peer talking about the practices put in place, what the company learned, what the benefits were, and how the project was implemented. At the previous ARC Forum, Dow Chemical, Lonmin, Nestlé, Red Bull Technology, and Sitech spoke about their approaches, implementations, and experiences.

Join us at the annual ARC Industry Forum Europe in Sitges, Spain to learn more about how the digital enterprise will be realized and the benefits that this can bring. Discover what your peers are doing today and what steps they are taking in their respective journeys.

For more info about the event visit the ARC website